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The Purpose of Masculinity

The purpose of Masculinity is to lend strength where it is needed

    • Defender
    • Provider
    • Calm in the storm
    • Benevolent king
  • Rising up to the challenge
    • Get in touch with your heart and let it lead
    • Embrace your role as benevolent king
    • Identify your kingdom
    • Stand up when you need to
    • Make time to nurture your king’s heart with personal development, fellowship with your brothers, and time in nature.
    • The challenge is that we dont have to fight, defend, or provide as we did in the past 10,000 years
    • What is the role of masculinity in the modern world?
  • Masculinity and Nobility
    • Your masculine soul has a nobility to it
    • You are here to touch the world that you touch
    • Acknowledge the messed up cultures we live in
    • Develop your own heart and guard it from assault
    • Women who radiate in their femininity are glorious
    • Men who embody their masculinity are glorious as well