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The Masculine Journey – Struggle


  • If it doesn’t challenge us, It doesn’t change us. 
    • We want to grow and change because in it, we find amazing satisfaction


  • There are no statues built for the man who never left his couch.
    • Intention is not a reward, they don’t give medals for good intentions. Stay in action and measure yourself up by what you’re doing , not even by your emotions, how you feel about it, what you’re thinking, cause that’ll change. 


  • Taking the easy way now is the guarantee of the hardest way later.
    • You’re gonna pay the prize one way or another, you pay the prize for discipline now, you pay the prize for regret, failure later. So pay the prize now, work through the hard things so it’s easier later. Do the hard thing now, the rest of your life will be easy. Do the easy thing now, the rest of your life will be hard.  
    • Struggle is your friend.


  • Most men spend themselves, their relationships and their health in pursuit of money – then they spend their money trying to find themselves, create meaningful relationships and restore their health. 
    • At the end of the day, you’ll realize that your ultimate goal is not money, it’s deep satisfaction, it’s glory. Glory is really what men truly live for. It comes from overcoming a struggle, a fear, a challenge or obstacle. It’s rising up to the challenge and saying, “I WON.”


  • If struggle is required for winning, then become good at it. 
    • Become good at overcoming your weaknesses, your lazy tendencies, your conflicts. 


  • Do something hard everyday just to keep in the practice. 
    • Ask questions. Questions are brilliant because they guide us. 
    • Difficulty and struggle is what we perceived them to be. Be grateful for what you have and strive for greatness. Most of our struggles are in our head. 
  • When you feel that you’ve been comfortable for too long, panic. 
    • Embrace the struggle, embrace the growth.
    • The escalator of life is always going down if we are not walking up against it. 
    • Be challenged regularly. 
  • Pick your challenge, or others will lay theirs on you.  
    • YOU first. 
  • Schedule your day to have the one you want and would be glad you lived. 
    • Prioritizing your daily schedule is not a prison or an obligation or a trap. It’s actually you deciding your day before others decide for you.