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Wearing the suit jackets

  • Single breasted, 2 buttons
    • Always button the top button when standing, walking 
    • Bottom button always undone
    • Unbutton the top button when sitting
    • Pockets – flaps in or out
      • Flaps in – cleaner look, more formal
      • Flaps out, more casual, relaxed
    • Working cuff, last button undone
  • 2 1/2 buttons 
    • Technically 3 buttons but one is hidden
    • Button the center
    • You can button the top when you’re cold.
  • Double breasted suit
    • Button the internal anchor button first, pull the flap over, button the second button. 
    • Can button the bottom button if you’re cold. 


  • If wearing a waistcoat or vest, do not wear a tie bar with it. 
  • Remove the label on the sleeve.
  • Open the stay stitching on the pockets. 
  • Remove the stay stitching on the vent.