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The Masculine Journey – Purpose


  • I am here, this is who I am, and this is what I would like to see happen. 
  • In the end, it is the gift of God that a man should walk with his hands and enjoy the fruit of his labor. 
  • Creation is the highest calling of a man.
    • Bringing into something that wasn’t into something that is. 
      • Your work, music, business
      • “I did this!”
  • You can only create what you can see in your mind first – this is the First Creation. 
    • You can’t give birth to something you haven’t thought of. 
  • Leadership is required of every man- it is our way of declaring to the world how we see that we can make something better – and the solution we see excites us and makes us want to recruit others to support us or join in alongside us!
    • Leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less
      • John maxwell
    • What makes a good man? What stands out most about him?
      • He is authentic. Genuine. Real. 
        • They’re comfortable to be around because they’re good with themselves. 
      • They have passion. They have LIFE in them. 
    • Leadership is your way of saying, “i know who i am, I am excited about me. I’ve got something I wanna tell you about.” your excitement within entices someone who’ll wanna join you make that cause happen. 
    • Nothing great was done alone. It requires you to do it with other people. 
  • Our individual expression of our masculinity is our way of declaring to the world: I am here, this is who I am, and this is what I would like to see happen. 
    • I am here
      • You don’t wanna be a wallpaper, you wanna be known and your presence felt. Be present. Be fully comfortable with yourself (a comfortable confidence, and not arrogant)
  • The masculine man projects his intentions to the world and looks for the open doors of commonality, like mindedness, and interest to walk through. 
    • Quit trying to convince everybody, you don’t need everybody to come along your side
  • One man may be called to save the forests to ensure oxygen and healthy environments exist for our future, while another man feels that clean water to impoverished nations of the world is the highest priority to save lives.  

It is not for us to expect that everyone has the same calling we do. If they all did, the world would not survive the mass of unmet needs. But, if each man will listen to his heart and do what HE is UNIQUELY called to do, all of the needs of mankind and of the world will be easily met.