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The Masculine Journey – Mindset


  • If you think you can’t – you must!
    • You don’t want to live your life with a bunch of red flags, a bunch of walls, a bunch of fears that will hold you back, You want to live with a lightness of being. 
    • Jocko Willink: You failed? Good. had a setback? Good. didn’t work out? Good. no matter what happens, say good because you learn from it, you grow, you get to the next thing. You’re alive and trying. You’re engaged. You’re in the arena. 
  • The only thing remembered are actions, not intentions. 
    • You either did or you didn’t.  
  • We bring to life the stories we tell ourselves. 
    • We are painting these pictures, what do we say about our world? You attract whatever you believe is. 
    • Learn how to handle more.
  • You will find what you are looking for. 
    • Will Smith: don’t have a plan B. it distracts you from plan A and takes you off the game. 
      • “There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.”
    • Act boldly and unseen forces will come to your aid. 
    • Expect greatness, expect success. Put your effort all you’ve got and you’ll find it. 
  • Optimism doesn’t change anything but changes you – and you change things! 
  • Anything done can be done better with optimistic expectation for winning. 
  • Discipline is doing what we hate – and then loving that we did it!
  • The man who feels the deep satisfactions is the one who truly can live out each day in alignment with his heart, he is the Authentic Man.
    • Take time to answer the question: what do I want?